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Healing Herbs And Their Uses

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More and more, herbs are becoming an important part of our health care. Once shunned by modern medicine, today even many medical professionals are realizing that herbs have powerful healing properties and can be used for many illnesses without the adverse side effects of pharmaceuticals. Not only can herbs help heal an ailment you already have, they can also be used as part of your daily regime to help keep you healthy and your immune system functioning in tip top shape.

The use of herbs for their medicinal properties goes back thousands of years in fact Neanderthal man used herbs over 60,000 years ago as discovered in prehistoric sites. Perhaps they used it to mask the smell of rotting meat or to rub on themselves to hide their human odor from animals they were hunting. Early users were probably primitive, but as time went on me and learned of their healing powers through observation and use of the plants.

The ancient Egyptians were big on herbs and, in fact, the earliest written records of herbal use can be found in Egyptian writings that date to the 16th century B.C. where they wrote down and different plants or herbs and what they could be useful for. In fact it is said that the pyramid builders consumed large amounts of garlic in order to boost their endurance!

In ancient times, the use of herbs was often associated with myth and magic. Certain herbs were associated with healing certain ailments due to the way they looked. Oftentimes, people were afraid of the powers that herbs had and those who knew how to use them would be shunned. In the 1600s, people who used herbs for healing or other purposes were persecuted as witches.

Many modern medicines actually came about because of herbs. Aspirin owes its origins to the natural painkiller willow bark. In fact, what has happened in modern times is that drug manufacturers create synthetic substances that sympathize with the healing properties of the herbs and plants so that they can patent and market them. In many cases, the herb would be more effective with less side effects.

Over the centuries, the healing powers of herbs have not changed, but our attitude towards them has. Once out of favor with modern medicine, it seems the herb is making a comeback and soon you may even find your doctor prescribing herbal remedies along with your medications.